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on the expiration of his present leave of absence and will report
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a resolution of Council That the Ten Senior Surgeons on the Civil List
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gonorrhoea by applying it to the m ethra of a healthy man.
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sometimes complain of having to subscribe towards the future
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donation on the birth of each child and a monthly subscription
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diseased being full of masses of cheese like deposit and
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years at the Imperial Hospital in Vienna where his fa
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must broadly distinguish between ventilated and not venti
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province he was Governor defeated and killed Azam at the battle
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willi general principles but with their ai plication to the
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During the summer the water is pumped out and it is
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quantity of coloring m vtter of the bile was found in the
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in Oct. the other three obtained the rank of full Surgeon
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approval of accouchetnent force on account of its great
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Miss Fanny a f entle and most veracious child Yah yoa
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vessels arriving at United States ports the national
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twenty four hours liefore death alio became composed and talked pretty
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James the First and to the Company through their Ambassador Shah

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