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septic method with free incision and in the meantime at
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total s. d. all reckoned at two shilHngs and threepence
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breathes pretty freely sitting up or upon cither side especially
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J. Collins Warren A case of enlarged accessory thyroid gland
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round it and pins through it there was no implication
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not be made from this alone vvithout careful study.
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icine and finds therein the true source of happiness in
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Experiments on the Intestinal Movements is the title of a paper by
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early this serious disease and consider it necessary to
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of the cavity and then open it. He thought this added
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divergent squint the head thrown back and rolled about.
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appointment as Factor and those of th Nov. state that he has
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all their service in the army or at the factories subordinate to
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recun ent and the myeloid. In the former of these he recog
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articular surfaces usually signify destruction of the articular ligaments
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various native powers from onwards necessitated the
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mineralogy but afterwards at his own suggestion the subject was
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as if it had been earned by service under Civil Rules.
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X. Treatment in Phosphorus Poisoning. In the consideration of the
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blood relations influence idiocy and imbecility moro than
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sit up freely. One day however when making an irregular visit

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