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it would require the interposition of a triangular piece of lip with apex

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or extended on account of ill health whether it be technically leave on

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is the remedy the only one worthy of the name which if

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particular function of the spleen upon which the im

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such laws as shall best accomplish this purpose even

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crossing of the two forms of flowers is thus effectually

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allowances of a Major was granted to the senior medical officer

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Edward Elcocke who was serving as Surgeon of the Wtlham

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attributable to her old pelvic disease. True I packed

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About seven or eight years ago she began to suffer fi om

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scribed but as the first part of the incision caused

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causing considerable hasmorrhage. A reinforcing lig

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be preferred by less experienced operators in all cases.

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fulfilment of his promise to return to Delhi. Farakh Siyar him

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olous mother and on the tenth or eleventh day thereafter an

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The substance of these new crystals is ueither htemin

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Muir and had charge of the Hospital whilst M Armstrong was sick.

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the fragments without too dangerous manipulation. The irregular cavity was washed out

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across the fibres of the external oblique. The gall

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removed having the characteristics of tuberculosis surrounded by yellowish white cheesy

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ever has received full attention for upon it he be

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the appearance of fibres this is produced by elongated cells

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opening into the vagina or from the number of vaginal operations on

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