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of erysipelas of the scalp which terminated ftitally. The
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batteries with a strong chemical action such as Bunsen s
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Presidency towns may be found an inexhaustible supply of materia
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tage to the larynx and even strong escharotics the latter much
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daughter of a family one of whose members laboured under
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In their Proceedings of th July the Calcutta Medical
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the Cov Servants if they please and assists in the Hospitall when necessary.
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cause at these times the chills are more apt to recur.
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regular then two or three irregular or feebler beats might bo interposed
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the attraction and substantial inducement for insects to
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Surgeons on the Bengal Estabhshment who having been deprived of the
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Landau states that intermittent hydronephrosis where there is no
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by the previous cleaning process. The operation was
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following order concerning the admission of medical officers to
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Now let me refer shortly to a few of tlie more prominent
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large profits cut away at one stroke protested vigorously that
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Had impregnation ever taken place this case woald have
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donations subscriptions and widows pensions as laid down in
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period the appointment of Marine or Presidency Surgeon or Surgeon to the
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