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nature of this condition which is not a very common
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Fxeld Officers on the August to remain in force tiU the Pleasure
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and blindness of a segment of this field. These facts
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those who benefited by it. His tact in dealing with
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grace the earth with their noble deeds as well as to
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officers of the Indian Medical Service the Right Hon the Governor
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But all these are the very methods by which peptones
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apparent after the other eye is closed. Secondary devi
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that in practice it is of great importance to diagnose if possible
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be produced by contagion any statement which they might
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Liberty to retire from all Business and to continue to him his Salary.
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solution are injected beneath the conjunctiva. Ten
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are satisfied that relapsing fever like other fevers has usually
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opposition of itinerant doctors and other medical mon
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This declaration is endorsed by a protest signed by Jefferies
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cult and dangerous therefore the application of the for
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as to and these age limits have remained in force ever
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Ensigns Armstrong and McKay. They surrendered themselves
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thirty four Assistant Sm geons on five shiUings a day each with
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As an advocate of the vaginal operation Landau stands isolated.
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the Central District and from his admirably accurate knowledge of details
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a member of the Massachusetts Historical Society and
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tainly when vomiting is excessive this is present but
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some parts to the consistence of cartilage but in one locality

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