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tumour the case has a much more grave aspect because of

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was noticed and in three days he had become intensely

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following measles. She also had a severe cough. She only

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Let us consider the results in those cases in which

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also Jalandhar or Cis Ravi is given for the post shown as Lahore

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One would like exceedingly to laaow whetlier the exces

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stant capillary attraction which will carry off all thiu

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up to the shoulder and down the right arm. Both legs

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better. Measly eruption now gone and cough also. Eyes

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The Persian epitaph may be hterally translated as foUows

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have been in Calcutta at the time of the siege and capture in

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tending Surgeons under the Company have been given above.

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ities from these diseases during the year for the rea

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pathetic ophthalmia of such operators as have adopted

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