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rest of tlie science. Formerly the natural compounds were so

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Exchange Compensation Allowance is given to officers

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are certainly less important than formerly. They are

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found he could use it effectually wherever carbolic

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entitled to the same allowances on account of wounds received

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tricuspid murimir vanished while the distinct apex boat formerly want

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signs of muscular atrophy in an incipient stage. The

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The following paper contains a short statement of the sur

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after an interval of an hour there is a very copious stool

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diseased. The patient was so weak I could not venture to

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overcoming the difficulties of localizing the trouble in

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neuralgia at various times and very severely. When tno

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he was in high favour with Shah Shuja presumably on account


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other places it is excoriated looking like the finely ragged bottom of a

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recurred for three weeks before death as many as in one

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and extending either to the brain or to the meninges

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Dartmouth College in and from the Medical School of the

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Americans citizens of the United States. Theodore Cantor

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and the author then proceeds to the extra laryngeal methods of

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