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aldehydes ketones and on sodium tartaric acid lactic acid
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of removal of the pessary and ordinary antiseptic treatment.
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tion that it was a case of Pott s disease and not long
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which is manifested towards everything connected Avith
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The pathology of this form is different in extent only from that of
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Major Andrew Williams then one of the senior medical officers
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without the consideration of the temperature of a man s body by the
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dispensary department superintendent s house nurses rooms amp c. but still
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understood that no modifications of the existing codes will be sanctioned
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the myopia continues to increase in spite of it and that
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following scale of consohdated pay has been sanctioned for officers of the
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the presence of electricity here an egg was obtained perfectly fresh and
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sioners were aboHshed in. In fact only one holder of the
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thus describes the constitution of that army in. It consisted
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cases. They are often small and thus remain in the pelvis are easily
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placenta was found to cover the os about one half the
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above or below. The upper and lower ends of the longitudinal wound
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ascending colon. Morton speaks of several instances in which some of
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be considered that if the patients live two weeks after
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the stump of the appendix. Suturing is often difficult because of the
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Board on Balfour s case. These opinions are contained in the

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