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It was not till near the middle of the eighteenth century that

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stituted on st Jan. and throughout that time he was the

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water instead of in cold weather and also to give four times

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wall of the ventricle with an irregular margin replacing the

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many years he has written and translated and edited and

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change for a couple of hours when the pulse became less

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often traced by only one observation in the twenty foiu

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tinue flat and as the case progresses coalesce detaching

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antisepsis or extent of the interference with the tym

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Surgeons in mofussil civil stations had when their turn for pro

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day each plus fifteen shillings a day batta when in the field and

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weeks from the use of rhus aromatica. I do not know

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of substances on the animal body when introduced du ectly

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pends upon a grouping of small bones which with the

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ation the patient said that she now heard sounds which

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find the same thing existing in a large number of towns

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cannot be and there is usually some foreign body or

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from the use of the fluid extract of couium given in

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tions of thyroid juice. In consequence of the difficulty

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which he saw in a case of multiple neuritis showing it

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All communications for the Editor and all books for review should

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least to the effects of the Columbus Celebration when

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