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three rather distinct types of tumors, distinguished by
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fection through the respiratory and alimentary tracts, and
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containing 0.05 gm. glucose, gives the elimination of glu-
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to consist of octahedral crystals of arsenic trioxide,
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the study of disease in the hospitals, yet a careful
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istics of tuberculosis as we know it clinically, and
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perusal opens up many suggestive avenues of thought.
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ished and its carbon dioxide increased from 0.04 per cent,
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sorption of tissue juices into the circulation and the active
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on an exact functional diagnosis. When such cases are
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tient under the influence of chloral or chloroform as rap-
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books. The work is copiously illustrated — in fact, this
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both peripherally and centrally, and the field now shows
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1. Describe the symptoms and give cause, treatment,
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used. Good muscle power with bone deformity in an ex-
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the proper admixture of air in spite of the struggles
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tractions. If it is pushed to the second stage the contractions
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presented some of the more radical measures as given
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holics. These he positively and persistently refused;
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ago the German Society for the Prophvlaxis of Venereal
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Matas of New Orleans described the recent advances in
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in health may result from deficiency in such bodies. Until
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mucosa inspected. To determine the nature of the en-
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public health, .^lnong the disputants were those who
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Rhode Island. . .G. T. Swartz. Providence Providence April
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mild type, in which the patient was neurotic or had a
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Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania, in opening the
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defendant had not pleaded justification. In view of this
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Arteriosclerosis. — G. L. Walton and W. E. Paul con-
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the patient has been submitted to an expert radiog-
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part involved and stops at the skin. David Wallace'
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advantages that Kirstein's method of direct laryngoscopy
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acid. This is added to the fluid to be tested, and the ap-
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in the language of the satire of a Horace, but may we not
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nine sailors taken with the plague, eight of the victims
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to coughing and other sources. He had had no ill results
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stenosis of the cer\-ical canal. This may occur in metritis
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menstruation, or any condition which will alter the
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very unwise procedure. The right kidney was cut down
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is an essential part of the treatment, especially in
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seems established, and it is reasonable to believe that the
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be placed in a hospital for further observation with
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Connecticut*... Chas. A. Tuttle, New Haven.. .New Haven .. .March 1
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tried using a I to 10 dilution, placing one drop of
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against dislocation, but Allen considers this an error. A
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said the action of alcohol on living tissue tended to the
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articulation was done instead of a partial amputation
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obscured prior to it. There were few, and sometimes no,
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widespread incidence of slight tuberculous infection among
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electric probe in locating small projectiles. With this
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on a yellow fever patient a live Ascaris linnbricoides
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the exaggerated tendon reflexes and "trepidation" of func-
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time after the division of the bone will be received
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series of hearts normal in construction, to ascertain
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conferred relative immunity for subsequent attacks. This
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but containing albumin and casts. The question arose
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verticulum. — C. H. Turner's patient was a man of 23