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The dru s used in these eleven cases were cod liver
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after an interval of an hour there is a very copious stool
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tracted pupils. There was also a feeble muscular effort
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fection rapidly takes pla e and the creature very soon
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are much stronger than the non hypertrophicd. This fact
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central origin and thus any value which may have at
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Iiolds that in ail cases the laryngoscojie should be em loyed and
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tion or to diminish tension I have up to this time found superfluous.
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Paltug paltucan Pamp. Cardios erinnm halicacabum L.
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The daily papers are taking up the subject of unquali
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blood. There were very profuse escnpe of blood from both ears
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then the new material added in the present would have
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Mr John Caldwell Shotts Mr W. T. Macfarlane Busby Mr Angus

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