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some cases no doubt be some immediate diminution in
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removed consisted of edematous connective tissue containing numerous calcareous par
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cumscribed and situated midway between the ensiform
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Blackwall s being made Governor of Porto Novo and that he had heard
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less than two years. A Letter from Fort WiUiam dated th
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him as not to endorse the sentiments contained in the last
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foci of similar form are found. But the infectious osteomyelitis has thin
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nausea. The patient is losing flesh rapidly. A small
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which is tipped with india rubber and fits tightly into the
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quired to fix the object with the paretic one. Hence
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the sarcoptes of the cat KUchenmeister says It is only necessary to
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sorts of measures have been successfully or unsuccess
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perature had again reached normal and he had a very
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any great extent but then in five out of six instances it is
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come developed they become considerably larger their angles become
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and ether very soluble in caustic potash and acetic acid.
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stantly at war with the Mogul Government of the province. On
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The English Embassy seems to have hoped to influence
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literature up to date shows a remarkable decrease in mortality in the
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degrees of prolapse less pronounced than that under
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This Assistant Surgeon whose name is not recorded did not serve
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fully employed. If the vomiting persisted especially
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possible to say how long a time must elapse after an
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second group of zymotics and even thei C we did not find
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so much attention from the public health authorities
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In the Indian Government made another vigorous effort
trated by cases how the diagnosis of certain tumours has
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In Bombay in the seventeenth and early in the eighteenth
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the boy his nephew though unlike the other recorded cases
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father and son are shown as Surgeons Mates in Calcutta in the

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