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still under dispute. He holds as still untenable be
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on seventy two Xerafins pay. plus twenty eight for diet monthly.
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those best capable of judging cannot be exactly laid
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cease to be novel to find even our professors publishing important works.
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the limits of one volume. The book is like all the pub
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creased somewhat in size. At no time were there any
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thermic oscillations of depression and elevation. These
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There is also waste in opening large packages of sup
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providence for he has not yet appeared although there is inteUigence
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hernia persisted during the section of the sac. It was
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ness. The peculiar conjunctival changes were present
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said that more sins were committed than in the diag
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last of these officers to attain the rank R. Lidderdale in Bengal
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ments any further use or purpose than the facilitation of
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was exceptional. Usually the removal of the appendix is more or less
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Balay bayan Z. PterospoTnuini livcrsifoliuni lUinne.
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